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A crypto based investment company born from our passion for gaming and technology.
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what we do

We are a crypto based investment company born from our passion for gaming and technology. We are focused on investing in Crypto Gaming Projects, DeFi, and other Web3 or Blockchain Projects.

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The Vision

A taste of why we started, and how we're finishing

Crypto G4ming Capital was started in the Midwest USA by 4 local friends all with backgrounds in technology.

From there it quickly became obvious what the blockchain and Web 3.0 could mean not just to gaming, but to nearly every industry in the world. After enough weekends sitting around the table playing board games and discussing the implications, we knew we had to be involved.

We hope that by investing in and partnering with projects in the space we can continue to help build, push adoption, and drive this technology forward in our own small way.

- Crypto G4ming Team

Leading the charge

The founders


Avid board gamer and recently turned NFT/crypto enthusiast. Started my Web3 journey with NFT's and quickly immersed myself in the crypto space and am very excited to partner with CGC diving deeper into the space.

I'm 33 years old and a lifetime gamer who started in Crypto/Web 3.0 with Axie in May of 2021. Since then I've been obsessed with what NFTs and The Blockchain will be able to bring to the gaming industry in the coming years.


Sports are my world but gaming is the hobby that fuels my life. After seeing the integration of Web3 in both spaces and what the future of NFT's will bring to them, I am exited to be a part of the journey and bring my unique knowledge to the team at CGC.


I'm a developer and enjoy Boxing on the weekends. Decentralized Finance is one of the things that drew me in crypto and Web3. I'm looking forward to continued learning about the space and contributing my skills to CGC.